Standard EN ISO 22716

Good Manufacturing Practice in the Cosmetic Industry (GMP)

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GMP - produse cosmetice

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Provided by: LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a.s.

To ensure the appropriate quality and required properties of cosmetic products, it is necessary to follow certain manufacturing procedures. These issues are covered by standard EN ISO 22716.

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) in the cosmetic industry based on EN ISO 22716:2007 includes management system from purchase of raw materials, production, hygiene, quality control, selection of packaging, storage, staff and waste treatment, to warranty claims and recalls.

The EN ISO 22716 certification is recommended to all organizations in the cosmetic industry involved in production and distribution of cosmetic products.

Requirements of EN ISO 22716

  • Definition and modification of processes to ensure the appropriate quality of cosmetic products
  • Setting up regular controls of critical activities of the organization
  • Setting up documentation for all processes

Benefits of the Certification 

  • Ensuring the necessary quality of cosmetic products
  • Greater trust of your clients
  • Reduced risk of defective products and remedy-related costs
  • Improved performance and competitiveness of your company
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